Tbilisi-Zugdidi Night Train

Tbilisi-Zugdidi Night Train is a good option for those who want to save time by sleeping on the road during travels between Tbilisi and Zugdidi. Below is a detailed train schedule and a description of its wagons.

Full Trains timetable

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Stadler Train: Tbilisi - Batumi: 802
08:00 Tbilisi 5h 35m 13:35 Batumi Daily Book
10:30 Tbilisi 5h 39m 16:09 Batumi Daily Book
17:20 Tbilisi 5h 44m 23:04 Batumi Daily Book
07:50 Batumi 5h 32m 13:22 Tbilisi Daily Book
15:00 Batumi 5h 35m 20:35 Tbilisi Daily Book
18:20 Batumi 5h 32m 23:52 Tbilisi Daily Book
08:00 Tbilisi 5h 12m 13:12 Kobuleti Daily Book
10:30 Tbilisi 5h 12m 15:42 Kobuleti Daily Book
17:20 Tbilisi 5h 21m 22:41 Kobuleti Daily Book
08:16 Kobuleti 5h 6m 13:22 Tbilisi Daily Book
15:25 Kobuleti 5h 10m 20:35 Tbilisi Daily Book
18:46 Kobuleti 5h 6m 23:52 Tbilisi Daily Book
08:00 Tbilisi 4h 47m 12:47 Ureki Daily Book
10:30 Tbilisi 4h 47m 15:17 Ureki Daily Book
17:20 Tbilisi 4h 56m 22:16 Ureki Daily Book
08:43 Ureki 4h 39m 13:22 Tbilisi Daily Book
15:56 Ureki 4h 39m 20:35 Tbilisi Daily Book
19:13 Ureki 4h 39m 23:52 Tbilisi Daily Book
Tbilisi-Zugdidi Fast Train: 870
08:10 Tbilisi 6h 5m 14:15 Zugdidi Daily Book
17:10 Zugdidi 6h 23:10 Tbilisi Daily Book
08:10 Tbilisi 1h 4m 09:14 Gori Daily Book
08:10 Tbilisi 1h 42m 09:52 Khashuri Daily Book
08:10 Tbilisi 3h 17m 11:27 Zestaponi Daily Book
17:10 Zugdidi 2h 49m 19:59 Zestaponi Daily Book
17:10 Zugdidi 4h 16m 21:26 Khashuri Daily Book
17:10 Zugdidi 4h 52m 22:02 Gori Daily Book
Tbilisi-Batumi Night Train: 812
00:35 Tbilisi 5h 35m 06:10 Batumi Daily Book
00:30 Batumi 5h 31m 06:01 Tbilisi Daily Book
00:35 Tbilisi 4h 47m 05:22 Ureki Daily Book
00:35 Tbilisi 5h 12m 05:47 Kobuleti Daily Book
00:56 Kobuleti 5h 5m 06:01 Tbilisi Daily Book
01:23 Ureki 4h 38m 06:01 Tbilisi Daily Book
Tbilisi-Kutaisi Train: 18
09:00 Tbilisi 5h 35m 14:35 Kutaisi Daily Book
12:00 Kutaisi 5h 30m 17:30 Tbilisi Daily Book
Tbilisi-Baku Train: 37
20:35 Tbilisi 12h 15m 08:50+1 Baku Daily Book
23:15 Baku 11h 20m 10:35+1 Tbilisi Daily Book
20:35 Tbilisi 6h 15m 02:50+1 Gandja Daily Book
04:30 Gandja 6h 5m 10:35 Tbilisi Daily Book
Summer Batumi-Tbilisi-Yerevan Train: 201
15:40 Batumi 15h 55m 07:35+1 Yerevan Daily Book
15:30 Yerevan 16h 07:30+1 Batumi Daily Book
22:45 Tbilisi 8h 50m 07:35+1 Yerevan Daily Book
15:30 Yerevan 8h 41m 00:11+1 Tbilisi Daily Book

Booking process

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Please arrive 15 min before departure to allow sufficient time for boarding.

Tbilisi-Zugdidi Night Train
Tbilisi-Zugdidi Night Train2 class2 classCorridor1 class

Night train has a medium speed that allows passengers to sleep during the long trip. The train has SV (Spalniy Vagon) - comfortable sleeping cars with 2-bed-compartments, Kupe - regular sleeping cars with 4-bed-compartments, Platscart - economy class open "dormitory-style" couchettes. All carriages are equipped with air conditioner, and are non-smoking areas.

Speed: up to 90 km/h
Tbilisi-Zugdidi night train consists of:

  • 2 SV sleeping cars with 18 places per carriage
  • 4 kupe-compartment carriages with 36 places per carriage
  • 1 platskart carriage with 54 places per carriage