Private Aktau Tours

Private Aktau Tours and Exclusive Weekend Trips

Aktau tours is a visit to the seaside town in the south-west of Kazakhstan. Aktau is not much a resort, but rather a warm city surrounded by the desert. In Aktau you can see the only beacon in Continental Europe installed on the roof of the residential house, and pay a visit to the underground mosque Beket-Ata in the vicinity of the city; hundreds of pilgrims honor this place with a visit. There is also a unique natural attraction of Karagie hollow considered one of the lowest points in the world; it is 132 m below sea level.

One-Day Tours in Kazakhstan: Mangyshlak Sightseeing Tour

Unusual one-day tour in the western Kazakhstan. You will travel deep to the desert to the holy mountain Sherkala, the main sight of Mangyshlak.

Mangyshlak, Sherkala mountain, Koshkar-Ata and Kalipan cemeteries
1 Day | March - November | Reviews (0)

One-Day Tours in Kazakhstan: Karagiye Depression

One-day tour to a unique Karagie Depression. Trip to one of the lowest places on the planet – the bottom of the depression is marked 132 meters below the sea level.

Karagiye depression, Aktau History Museum
1 Day | March - November | Reviews (0)

One-Day Tours in Kazakhstan: Aktau City Tour

One-day tour to the port city on the shores of the Caspian Sea. Rich excursion to the main sights of Aktau and walk along the embankment.

History Museum, Orthodox Church Blagoveshchensk, Mosque Beket-Ata, Taras Shevchenko Monument, Main Square and Aktau seaport
1 Day | All year round | Reviews (0)