VIP Service at Almaty International Airport

We offer you VIP-lounge at Almaty International Airport, quick and comfortable passage through customs & border formalities.

Almaty International Airport - VIP Lounge Request

  • VIP-lunge can be ordered until 17:00 p.m. one business day before the arrival date.
  • Cancelation charge until 17:00 p.m. one business day before the arrival time is 50%, after this -100%.
  • In case of “no show”, VIP-lounge service fee is not refundable.
  • Changes of the passenger name, date or time of arrival in confirmed request means the cancelation of previous order and making a new one. Canlelation charges may be applicalbe.
  • VIP-lounge of Almaty International airport is situated in a special building and has a separate entrance.

Arrival through VIP-lounge

  • The passenger is awaited by VIP-service staff in front of the aircraft exit with a plate on which the name of VIP passenger is written.
  • Customer should announce his name to the VIP-service staff. In case the passenger has the luggage, the luggage stickers are passed to VIP-service staff.
  • After meeting, all VIP-lounge passengers are tranferred to the VIP-lounge. The passenger  can order the individual transport for transfer from aircraft to VIP-lounge for an extra fee.
  • It is strongly prohibited to leave landing field independently.
  • VIP-service staff will take care of all customs and border formalities.
  • The Customs Control representative may ask to put the hand luggage at X-rays.
  • While waiting for the luggage, passengers can enjoy drinks in VIP-lounge’s bar for an extra charge (tea and coffee are included in VIP-service fee).
  • The VIP-service staff will stay at the VIP-lounge till the Customer gets his luggage. The delivery of passenger's luggage to the transfer area is not included in the VIP- services cost.
  • The person meeting the passenger has to wait at the VIP-lounge exit.

Procedure of departure through VIP-lounge

  • Reservation of seats in the aircraft.
  • The passengers can arrive to the airport up to 1 hour before the departure time.
  • Passengers are met by the VIP-service staff at the entrance to the VIP-lounge with the plate with their name and escorted to the VIP-lounge hall.
  • VIP-service staff will assist through the customs and border check points.
  • Drinks are available at the bar of the VIP-lounge for an extra charge (tea and coffee are included in VIP-service fee)
  • 20 minutes before the flight the VIP-service staff will invite the passengers to board
  • The VIP-service staff will escort the passengers to the aircraft entrance in VIP-bus

VIP lounge fees

Can order VIP-service in Almaty airport from at 280 USD per one person, which also includes free pick-up or drop-off to the airport.