Classic Uzbekistan Group Tour in 2024 and 2025 with Guaranteed Dates

Classic Uzbekistan Group Tour 2024-2025

Our most popular escorted tour of Uzbekistan in a small group will acquaint you with the most famous ancient cities in Uzbekistan: Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand, as well as the modern capital, Tashkent.

Tashkent, Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand

8 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | from US$ 1,160 per person

Solo Female Travel to Kazakhstan

The world’s 9th largest country and biggest landlocked country presents travelers with endless opportunities in various places in the country. Kazakhstan is a great place to travel independently, but the sheer size of the Central Asian nation can be intimidating and impose issues for even the most seasoned of tourists. This discusses the advantages of traveling to Kazakhstan, as well as the challenges you may encounter while there.

Advantages of Solo Travel in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is an enormous land that offers travelers such a unique and rich experience along its world-famous steppe and landscapes. The scenery will transplant travelers to a land so foreign that they will be left with impressions of the country for the rest of their lives. There are hiking and trekking opportunities throughout the entire land. It is a place with nature so raw that you will be left with a feeling of anonymity no matter if you’re traveling solo or with a small group.

The hospitality of Kazakhs is unparalleled to many other parts of the world. The people are more than willing to invite you into their homes and brew up a tasty pot of tea while serving you some local, tasty treats. The locals in Kazakhstan are curious and extraordinarily friendly and it won’t take you long to notice this.

Baiterek Monument, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
Burabai National Park, Kazakhstan
A Crewed Soyuz Launch from Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan

Challenges of Travelling Alone in Kazakhstan

Unfortunately, with a landmass as large as Kazakhstan’s, traveling around is not a simple task.  Getting from one place to another can take an amount of time that can’t always be prepared for, especially as you will usually need to wait around for the local transportation to fill-up to full capacity.  This makes planning a logistical nightmare if you’re dealing with time constraints. If you’re traveling alone, this can created additional stress as you may not be able to communicate your plans with others as easily.

Laws are ever-changing in Kazakhstan and hotels and places of accommodation receive the impact of this more than some other businesses. As a result, places close frequently or change ownership. Ensuring you have a reputable, credible, and convenient place to stay can be one of Kazakhstan’s biggest challenges, especially if you are a female traveler, and one that may be difficult to avoid no matter how hard you try.

Taking a taxi in and around Almaty or other cities is also a challenging process if you do not have a SIM card. There are taxi apps available with a SIM card, but the best way to get around without one is by hitchhiking… a process that is fear-inducing for many travelers. While this is usually safe, it can scare off many solo female travelers as they are unsure of what to expect.

Khodja Akhmed Yassavi Mausoleum, Turkestan, Kazakhstan
Kazakh Dancers
Charyn Canyon, Kazakhstan

The Kazakhstan Tenge (KZT) is also fluctuating a lot and tends to lack stability. This can present an issue for travelers who are unfamiliar with the currency and how much things cost in the country. Without this knowledge, you may find yourself paying extraorbitant amounts for things that should cost very little. Local knowledge and having someone that is familiar with this will help you plan your trip ahead a bit better.

Solo Female Friendly Small Group Tours in Kazakhstan

Alleviating these challenges and pain points is essential when planning your trip to Kazakhstan and the best way to do this is to book a Central Asia Solo-friendly small group tour. This tour will let you say goodbye to tourism infrastructure problems and focus on the most important thing- your trip! The tour will take you to beautiful southeastern Kazakhstan and will allow you opportunities to see some of the remarkable attractions in the area as well as the freedom to do your own thing in exciting Almaty. This tour will take the stress out of planning your trip and you won’t have to navigate through websites written in languages you don’t know or attempt to decipher an outdated bus schedule. The reliable partners and guides will ensure your trip to Kazakhstan is one that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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