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Group Tours and Private Arslanbob Trips

Arslanbob tours will transfer you to the atmosphere of harmony in the natural reserve of Kyrgyzstan. You will enjoy the view of the biggest fruit and nut forests in the valley of Arslanbob river. Its territory is over 600 000 hectares and Arslanbob itself is located on the height of 1700 meters above the sea level. There is a legend about Alexander the Great, who after a stop in this place, took some local nuts to Greece, that later were called "Greek nuts" (walnuts).

Tour to Arslanbob

Tour to Arslanbob

3-day tour to Arslanbob ("The King of Forests" in Kyrgyz language), that already for many years has been a forest zone protected by the state.


Details3 Days | May - October
from US$ 285 per person

Cultural Tour 2: Cities and Gorges

Cultural Tour 2: Cities and Gorges

This exciting and action-packed one-week tour will acquaint you with the history, culture and nomadic traditions of the Kyrgyz.

Bishkek, Chichkan, Arkyt, Arslanbob, Osh

Details7 Days | mid May – mid October
from US$ 1,010 per person

Cultural Tour 5: Ancient Sites of Kyrgyzstan

Ancient Sites of Kyrgyzstan Tour

Unforgettable Ancient Sites of Kyrgyzstan Tour along the country, where the most of the nature consists of snow-capped mountains and pure lakes. For almost two weeks you will be surrounded by natural and cultural richness of Kyrgyzstan.

Bishkek, Toktogul, Arslanbob, Kazarman, Tash-Rabat, Son-Kul, Kochkor

Details9 Days | end of May – mid of September
from US$ 1,080 per person

Silk Road Tour: China, Kyrgyzstan

Silk Road Tour: China, Kyrgyzstan

The main part of the Silk Road tour is conducted in Kyrgyzstan. You will see the spectacularly amazing view with the Pamir mountain range and visit Osh that as legend says was was founded by King Solomon. In China you will visit Kashgar and Urumchi where you will see not only historical places of interest but also visit the famous Kashgar Sunday market.

China, Kyrgyzstan

Details10 Days | May - October