Botanical Garden, Bishkek

The pride and one of the most beautiful places in Bishkek is the huge Botanical Garden, a part of the National Academy of Sciences of Kyrgyzstan, named after E.Z .Gareev, the famous Kyrgyz biologist. Established in 1938, today it ranks first in Central Asia and the CIS countries in rich biodiversity of species composition.

The Botanical Garden is represented by species of 2,500 trees and shrubs, 3,500 flowers, hothouse and grass plants and over 8,000 selected fruit plants. The Botanic Garden having 4 laboratories was awarded the status of research institutes. All its facilities occupy the territory of 124 hectares, with only 36 out of them available for common visitors.

As with many other gardens of the world, the best time for visiting is spring and autumn. In spring, the Bishkek Botanical Garden is filled with the scent of flowers and young leaves, while in autumn, the color palette pleases the eye with colors from bright yellow to dark red. You can spend a great day having a walk and a picnic in the fresh air.