Bishkek Monuments

Martyrs of the Revolution (Prospect Chui-Sovietskaya):
Urkuya Salieva (1910—1934), and early socialist organizer in Southern Kyrgyzstan — apparently murdered by “rich peasants.”

Victory Monument (Victory Square):
Completed in 1984, a woman stands over the eternal flame, waiting for her son or husband who will not return home from the Great Patriotic War. A wistful reflection on the great cost of victory.

Toktogul Satylganov (Sovietskaya):
South of the Opera and Ballet Theatre. The poet, singer and instrumentalist lived from 1864 until 1933.

The Manas Sculptural Complex (Philharmonia):
The legendary hero Manas on his magical horse Ak-Kula slaying a dragon. Below him are his wife Kanykei and the wise counsellor Bakai. Busts of several 20th century manaschy are nearby.

The Official State Flagpole (City square):
The guard is changed every day on the hour from 07:00 till 18:00.

Bishkek Monuments
Bishkek Monuments
Bishkek Monuments