Ir Kese, Bishkek

Ir KeseHallHallTablesTableTable
Address: 62, Orozbekova str., Bishkek
Phone: +996 (312) 97 95 55
Cuisine: National
Popular dishes: Beshbarmak, kuurdak

"Ir Kese" is an ethno - restaurant decorated in the best Kyrgyz traditions. There you will plunge into the atmosphere of national color, taste local cuisine and enjoy beautiful ethnic music. The menu of the restaurant offers various dishes and drinks with a rich cultural history. The restaurant “Ir Kese” will give you a lot of positive emotions and a small excursus to the historical roots of the rich Kyrgyz culture. If you want to visit the restaurant on weekend evenings, better to reserve a table as people gather to sing Kyrgyz folk songs accompanied by accordion and Komuz, a national musical instrument. 

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