Peking Duck, Bishkek

Peking DuckHallHallHallHallHall
Address: Chuy avenue, 138, Togolok Moldo str., Bishkek
Phone: +996 (312) 66 03 72
Cuisine: Chinese
Popular dishes: Peking Duck

This is the only cafe in Bishkek, where a real Peking duck is cooked according to an ancient recipe.

Peking duck is a dish of China kings. Over 1,400 years recipe of the dish remains unchanged. It has been prepared from the time of the royal dynasties of Yuan, Chin Min. Preparation of Peking duck implies using wood of fruit trees - tamarind, peach and apricot. The duck is cooked in a special oven, so it gets unique sweet, juicy flavor and rosy crisp. Duck meat is very good for the health.

In the cozy “Peking duck” café you can actually watch how the real Peking duck is being cooked. The chef from China will amaze you with his dexterity and expertise.

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