Festivals in Kyrgyzstan 2019

Festivals in Kyrgyzstan reflect the rich history and nomadic customs and traditions of the Kyrgyz people. Festivals feature sporting competitions, races and demonstrations, as well as handmade products, food, and performances.

Today, festivals are a great way to keep traditions alive and to gather people not only from Kyrgyzstan but from around the world. The most popular festivals feature arts and crafts, cuisine, folklore, felt, hunting with birds, and horse games. Many Kyrgyz festivals are held in jailoos (or summer pastures), with yurts showing off traditional dishes and selling crafts.

Festivals in Kyrgyzstan are some of the best places to explore and enjoy Kyrgyz traditions and customs.

Kyrgyzstan Festivals
Kyrgyzstan Festivals
Kyrgyzstan Festivals

Information on festivals and events to be held in 2019 has not yet been released. The table below lists the festivals and events held in 2018, to give an idea of the types of events that are likely to be held, and their timing. We will update this table with information on 2019 events as soon as it is available.

Schedule of Kyrgyzstan tourism festivals and events in 2018

Date Name / Location


July 14 National Uzbek Cuisine Festival / Jalal-Abad, Jalal-Abad Province Learn how to make kocho ash, gul manty, and kattama, traditional Uzbek dishes, and then taste them for yourself.
July 22 Yak and National Horse Games Festival / Sary-Mogol, Jalal-Abad Province Cheer on athletes as they compete in ulak-tartysh, kyz-kuumai, tyin-enmei, and er-enish. Take a break from the action with a folklore show and traditional Kyrgyz cuisine.
July 25 National Horse Games Festival / Son-Kul, Naryn Province Experience traditional horse games such as ulak-tartysh, kyz-kuumai, tyin-enmei, and er-enish the way they were supposed to be held: on a high mountain pasture around one of Kyrgyzstan’s most beautiful lakes.
July 29 National Horse Games Festival / Kyzyl-Oi, Naryn Province Create unforgettable memories in Kyzyl-Oi at the Horse Games Festival, featuring ulak-tartysh, kyz-kuumai, tyin-enmei, and er-enish.
August 11 Birds of Prey Festival / Bokonbaevo, Issyk-Kul Province See the power of birds in flight with demonstrations of hunting with golden eagles. Buy high-quality souvenirs from master artisans and taste the best of Kyrgyz cuisine.
September 2-8 World Nomad Games / Cholpon-Ata, Issyk-Kul Province Don’t miss this opportunity to experience Kyrgyzstan’s largest and grandest event, a bright and vivid celebration of nomadic culture and sports.