Kyrgyz Sweets

Kyrgyz Sweets, Traditional Kyrgyz Food

Kyrgyz sweets are usually served with tea at the end of a special meal.

Umach syut ash (umach sut ash), a sweet dairy dish, is a favorite in Kyrgyzstan. One of its main components is crumbs which are obtained by grinding flour with water. The crumbs are formed into cakes which are boiled in milk and then seasoned with ghee and sugar.

Many traditional Kyrgyz sweets are made from nuts, fruit and honey. Zhansak is one such nut-and-honey dessert which is made with the addition of ghee. 

Balmaniz is a sweet made from walnuts and honey. 

Sesame kant is a sesame and sugar candy.

Choimo tokoch are brushwood cookies made with beaten eggs, sugar, salt, milk, melted butter and flour. The resulting dough is rolled out until thin, cut into long strips and shaped into a spiral before being deep-fried in oil.

Boorsok, a yeast dough cut into small pieces and fried in oil, is a popular Kyrgyz dessert when served with honey or jam.

Although less popular now, caramelized apples which arrived from Uzbek cuisine were once a very common sweet in Kyrgyzstan.