Kyrgyz Dairy Products

Kyrgyz Dairy Products, Traditional Kyrgyz Food

Milk products have long been a staple of Kyrgyz cuisine. People in Kyrgyzstan still love their dairy products and even export them to Russia and neighboring Central Asian countries.

For a true cultural experience, be sure to try these unusual Kyrgyz dairy products on your next trip:    

Kurut, dried balls of sour milk, are a staple in Central Asian nations. In past times kurut was stored for the winter and eaten either dry or dissolved in warm water. Usually salty and sometimes mildly spicy, it is known to satisfy both hunger and thirst.

Zhuurat (juurat) is a healthy yogurt which is often prepared in Kyrgyzstan. 

Ezhigey is a special curdled cheese. Historically, when milk was boiled for ezhigei, the bottom of the dish was covered with branches so that nothing would burn.

Sary may is a high-calorie ghee.

Byshtak is a soft yellowish curd made from boiled milk. The strained mass is pressurized and then cut into pieces. Byshtak is often eaten with honey. 

Pyshlak is a fresh cheese that is usually served along with other Kyrgyz dairy products for breakfast. 

Kaymak is a thick milk product that resembles sour cream.