Solo Female Travel to Kyrgyzstan

Solo Female Travel to Kyrgyzstan

Traveling in Kyrgyzstan is safe for both men and women who are traversing the region.  The hospitality of the people, the scenery, and the country is absolutely exquisite. The following will detail some of the benefits of traveling solo, or independently, through Kyrgyzstan. On the contrary, it will also discuss some of the challenges that may present themselves to solo and independent travelers in the country.

Advantages of Solo Travel in Kyrgyzstan

Hospitality towards foreigners is absolutely spectacular. The Kyrgyz people love chatting with foreigners and meeting new people regardless of the language and cultural barriers. You will feel immediately at home when in Kyrgyzstan and being a solo traveler allows you to really have a true interaction and get to know the people of the landlocked nation.

Another great thing about Kyrgyzstan is that if you’re traveling solo or independently and you take to the road, you will find stop after stop that will blow your mind.  The scenery is absolutely epic. The Republic of Kyrgyzstan is one of the highest altitude countries in the world and there is no shortage of breathtaking landscapes.

Challenges of Travelling Alone in Kyrgyzstan

Solo Female Travel to Kyrgyzstan, Pamir-Alay

There are quite a few challenges that you will be presented with exploring Kyrgyzstan as a solo female traveler. One of the main challenges is that public transportation can be unreliable due to developing infrastructure in the region. You can find a marshrutka, or mini bus, to almost anywhere in Kyrgyzstan, but getting there over the country’s rugged terrain is no easy feat. Your marshrutka may also not be on a schedule (which happens more often than not), resulting in your arrival at your destination at unknown times and possibly without follow-on transportation arranged.

Booking a hotel in Kyrgyzstan can be fairly easy in Bishkek but may be an immense challenge once you’re outside of the Kyrgyz capital city. There are also several websites that are only available in one language and you may miss the opportunity to book a really fantastic place of accommodation because you’re unfamiliar with the language the website is in.

In Bishkek, taking a taxi can sometimes be a challenge all in itself. There are many unmarked taxis that may try to get additional money from travelers. If you’re looking to book a taxi in Bishkek from a reputable source, you will need a SIM card. If you’re looking to book a taxi outside of Bishkek, you may just not have luck at taxis don’t run regularly in every city in a way that a foreigner would have any knowledge about.

Solo Female Travel to Kyrgyzstan, Karakol

If you’re looking to rent a car and drive the country yourself, you’re best bet is to know a bit of Russian or Kyrgyz. This will assist you if you have any issues or are pulled over the police. If you’re not familiar with the local language and Russian, this could present an issue for travelers who want to travel the country independently.

While most travelers feel very safe in Kyrgyzstan, there may still be differences in everyday life in Kyrgyzstan versus everyday life in your home country. The culture and mentality of the people may clash with your ideals and values, making you feel uncomfortable in certain situations if you’re alone.

Solo Female Friendly Small Group Tours in Kyrgyzstan

The Central Asia Solo-friendly tour and other small group or private tours offered by Advantour will mitigate most of the challenges listed above and help your trip go swimmingly, especially if you are a solo female traveler. Tours are organized enough so that you will not have the stress of planning a trip into an unfamiliar territory but will also allow you the flexibility and independence that you desire when traveling. Popular activities are already planned and included in the price of the tour. We also offer solo friendly tours, where we mainly take care of logistics and accommodation and include only tours of not to be missed attractions. Remaining time can be spent freely and you are only expected to be when group will leave for the next destination.

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