Barguzinsky reserve

Barguzinsky reserve

Barguzinsky reserve is the first nature conservation area, organized in the territory of Baikal. It is located on the eastern shore of Lake Baikal, its length along the coastline is 110 kilometers. A walk along a Barguzinsky reserve shore is very picturesque and leaves a lasting impression. From one side there are Barguzinsky ridge foothills with canyon-like river valleys, sandy beaches and cliffs, while along the other side there is Baikal ridge - a chain of mountain tops covered with snow nearly all year-round.

Barguzinsky reserve, in contrast to National Park is not available for visits. Its territory only includes five campsites: South cordon (Sosnovka), Davsha village (former central manor of the park), winter camp on the River Kabanja, biosphere proving ground (from the Cape Valukan to Cape Gulekan of guba Amnundakan (Bay) and the Northern cordon. To cut down trees in the reserve is strictly prohibited, as well as to stop for the night outside the tourist spots.

But the tourists, however, easily forgive Barguzinsky reserve its unavailability for visits, because of the virginal purity of its natural treasures that they can enjoy to the fullest – they include mountain lakes, waterfall cascades, hot springs, blooming valleys in the highlands and so on. The pride of Barguzinsky reserve is surely its inhabitants. The reserve fauna on land includes bears, reindeers, elks and many other animals. The reserve waters are home for about 46 species of fishes. Also the Barguzinsky reserve water space is inhabited by the Baikal seal - the animal-symbol of Baikal. There are a lot of bears - about one hundred and eighty individuals - the highest index in general all over Siberia. But the main animal- the Barguzinsky sable - an animal with an extremely valuable fur, was on the verge of extinction in the early XX century. Barguzinsky reserve was once established to save the sable.

Because the wild animals inhabited the reserve are at large, to walk alone and unaccompanied by experienced guides in the reserve is prohibited – you can inadvertently come across a bear, who lives there.

Barguzinsky Reserve territory has neither grocery stores, nor cellular telecommunication, nor the possibility to recharge portable devices. In general, Barguzinsky Reserve is famous for very zealous protection of the local nature against the negative impact of tourists.