Frolikhinsky reserve

Frolikhinsky reserveThe main protected object of Frolikhinsky reserve is a glacial lake Frolikha. It is home of rare fish species listed in the Red Book as endangered relict species - Arctic char from the salmon family. The reserve was founded exactly in order to maintain its population.

In the territory of the Frolikhinsky reserve, there are no settlements, only a temporary stopover visited by inspectors on team shifting, so one-day visits, with no staying overnight are arranged there. Within a day the reserve visitors have time to explore in part the local natural beauties. There are several hiking trails marked with signs, one of which is "Ayaya Bay - Lake Frolikha." The second trail leads from the Biraya river mouth to the lake Frolikha and then along the Levay Frolikha river valley to lake Ukoinda. The third trail has an intriguing name “Frolikha adventure trail” - the route winds along the shore of Lake Baikal from the complex "Khakusy" to the Upper Angara mouth. However, the final route is designed for the physically fit prople – they will have to go as much as 90 kilometers.

It is best to come to Frolikhinsky Reserve with a tent for a few days. No fee is charged for the visit to Frolikhinsky reserve.