House-Ship, Ivanovo

House-Ship in Ivanovo, Russia is a monument to constructivism and an important city symbol.

Built in 1929-1930 by architect Daniel Friedman, House-Ship has only ever served a residential function. Its main building was intended to accommodate specialized workers, while the second building was designated for ordinary workers.

Architecture Features

The apartment complex is referred to as "ship" due to its intentionally unusual shape: its two buildings stand adjacent to each other at an acute angle, while the main building has a slight point at the end which is meant to resemble the bow of a ship. Its rounded walls, beveled end and two rows of balconies with metal handrails likewise bear an unmistakable likeness to a massive ship. The picture is complemented by triangular bay windows and corner balconies.

House-Ship has 5 floors, although at one end is an 8-storey tower that resembles a stern and an observation deck. The first floor of the main building is embellished with panoramic glazing which, according to the architect, was meant to imitate the foamy streams of water that are created by a ship sailing on the seas.

The house was originally painted in a light gray color which complemented the nautical theme by giving the building the appearance of a steel ship, although today the facades of both buildings are painted in maroon. A sports center which occupied the first floor of the main building in Soviet times has since been replaced with shops. As Ivanovo House-Ship has never undergone major renovations, it is currently in urgent need of structural and cosmetic repairs.

Practical Information

House-Ship in Ivanovo is located at the intersection of Shesternin Street and Lenin Avenue. The latter is the main thoroughfare of the city, so the famous landmark can easily be found. Near the house ship is Karl Marx Street bus stop, while the Ivanovo city railway station is just a 10-minute walk from the famous structure.

Address: 49 Lenin Avenue, Ivanovo, Russia