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Ivanovo Tours Monument to St George the Victorious, Church of St George the Victorious and the Icon of the Mother of God


Private Ivanovo Tours and Exclusive Weekend Trips

Private Ivanovo tours transport you to a city on Russia’s Golden Ring which is famous for its history, textile industry and unique architectural monuments hailing from the era of constructivism. In fact, Ivanovo has jokingly been nicknamed “Russian Manchester” and “Textile Capital of Russia”. Tours to Ivanovo will acquaint you with its many notable monuments, including the Ship and Horseshoe Houses, regional bank building and the Palace of Arts, former residence of the manufacturer and philanthropist D.G. Burylina which was built to resemble an Italian palazzo. Other interesting sites on private Ivanovo tours include the Museum of Ivanovo Chintz and a functioning nunnery.

10-day Golden Ring History and Art Tour from Moscow

Discover impressive historical and religious monuments in Moscow and the Golden Ring cities of Ivanovo, Suzdal, and Vladimir, while learning about traditional art and crafts such as Ivanovo chintz and Palekh lacquer painting on 10-day Golden Ring tour.

Moscow, Ivanovo, Plyos, Volgorechensk, Palekh, Shuya, Suzdal, Vladimir
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10-day Moscow to St. Petersburg Tour

10-day Moscow to St. Petersburg tour is a journey through time encompassing Russia’s ancient, Imperial, Soviet, and modern history. Starting in the national capital of Moscow, explore the medieval “Golden Ring” city of Ivanovo and its fascinating surrounding towns, before ending in Peter the Great’s elegant masterpiece of St. Petersburg.

Moscow, Ivanovo, Plyos, Volgorechensk, Palekh, Shuya, St. Petersburg
10 Days | All year round | Reviews (0)