Khabarovsk Tours

Khabarovsk Tours, Russia

Group Tours and Private Khabarovsk Trips

Khabarovsk tours take you beyond stereotypical Russia to a city which is sure to stretch your imagination. Located at the edge of the horizon along the Russian-Chinese border, Khabarovsk is a blend of Russian and traditional Nanai culture, a Far East outpost which defies expectations while offering something for everyone.

Activities on our Khabarovsk tours include eco walks among unusual plant species at Bolshekhekhtsirsky Nature Reserve, scrumptious seafood, visits to petroglyphs and Nanai cultural immersions programs complete with songs, games and cooking classes. Combined with regional museum and cathedral visits, boat rides and dreamy views along the Amur River Embankment, Khabarovsk may be just the unusual adventure you have been looking for!