Convent of Epiphany, Kostroma

Convent of Epiphany - the abode of Christian saints

Convent of Epiphany, KostromaLong time ago the monastery combined three separate churches – the Epiphany Monastery, the Cross Nunnery and Anastasia Convent. The founder of the first was the elder Nikita, a disciple of St. Sergius. Anastasia monastery was founded in the 15th century by the first wife of Ivan the Terrible, Anastasia Romanova.

Nowadays it is the seat of the Archbishop of Kostroma. It has preserved the gateway towers, the building of monastic cells, the refectory and the Epiphany Cathedral (1559-1565). The cathedral is known for the shrine of Kostroma - the miraculous Fyodorovskaya icon of Our Lady (13th century). This church has reached our time completely rebuilt.