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Kostroma Tours Ipatievsky Monastery in Kostroma


Group Tours and Private Kostroma Trips

Private Kostroma tours take you to one of the eight main stops along Russia’s Golden Ring, a white-stone city which is only slightly younger than Moscow. Eclectic and noteworthy sites await you in Kostroma, including Ipatiev Trinity Monastery, the “Cradle of the Romanovs' House" where 16-year-old Mikhail Romanov was declared the Russian tsar in 1613, and Epiphany-Anastasiin Monastery, which houses the most revered icon of Kostroma, the miraculous Icon of the Mother of God Feodorovskaya. On private Kostroma tours you can visit the famous Shopping Arcade, a historical center where lively trade is conducted to this day. Stretched across several blocks, each building is named after the products which are sold inside: Gingerbread, Flour, Tobacco, etc. While in Kostroma, don’t leave without visiting the old Fire Tower that dominates central Susaninskaya Square, which is in itself a delightful destination.