Autocomplex 2019

Date: 29-OCT-19 to 31-OCT-19
City: Moscow
26th Moscow International Exhibition "Autocomplex 2019"

Venue: Expocentre
Site of the organizer:

About Autocomplex 2019:

The 26th Anniversary Moscow International Exhibition Autocomplex 2019 will take place from 29 to 31 October, 2019 at the Expocentre AO Fairgrounds, Pavilion 7 (halls 3-5) and outdoor section. It is organised by ACS EXPO Ltd. with the support of the Moscow Government, Russian Fuel Union and under the auspices of Expocentre AO.

The exhibition continues to ensure the information support which helps build new petrol station complexes and serves as an ideal platform for establishing direct business contacts with the most well-known equipment and technologies manufacturers. Regular meetings and establishing business contacts has become an integral part for autofuelling business and growth of autoservice infrastructure.

Exhibition sections:

Petroleum and gas companies, wholesale suppliers of oil products and gas

  • Petroleum and gas companies
  • Oil refineries, wholesale suppliers of petroleum products and gas
  • Suppliers of oils and lubricants 

Petroleum storage depots and gas terminals

  • Planning of petroleum storage depots and gas terminals
  • Construction of petroleum storage depots and gas terminals
  • Fuel tanks
  • Petroleum products and gas loading-unloading facilities
  • Custody transfer metering stations
  • Condensed gases metering and reloading equipment
  • Relief equipment
  • Scaffold bridges for automobile and railway filling systems 

Transport and logistics as regards petroleum and gas

  • Fuel delivery vehicles, tankers, semitrailers, tanks for petroleum products
  • Tankers and semitrailers – tank cars for gas transportation and filling
  • Transport and logistics services 

Filling station complexes (filling stations) and filling station equipment; petroleum products

  • Brand name company networks for petrol and LNG filling stations
  • Planning and setting up of turnkey petrol and LNG filling station complexes
  • Construction of fuel tanks, shelters and other structures for fuel and propellant gas filling stations
  • Lighting equipment for fuel and propellant gas filling stations
  • Petrol and fuel pumps
  • Pumps, filters to hold back detritus
  • Petrol pump filling nozzles
  • Hoses for fuel delivery vehicles and petrol pumps
  • Fueling equipment for small size waterborne transport
  • Gas pumps
  • Equipment for LNG-powered vehicles
  • Control systems and systems for cashless payment at fuel and propellant gas filling stations
  • Control desks, fuel level measuring equipment for petroleum products and liquefied hydrocarbon gases
  • Equipment for monitoring the quality of petrol, other petroleum products and liquefied hydrocarbon gases
  • Biofuel, dimenthyl ether, hydrogen producing equipment
  • Biofuel, dimenthyl ether, hydrogen filling equipment for transport

Alternative fuel vehicles

  • Gas, biofuel, dimenthyl ether, hydrogen vehicles
  • Electric and hybrid vehicles

Vehicle services

  • Planning and setting up of turnkey vehicle service stations (Russian abbreviation: CTO), vehicle workshops
  • Vehicle service stations
  • Vehicle repair workshops
  • Tools
  • Diagnosis equipment
  • Measuring and monitoring equipment
  • Lifting platforms and equipment, compressors
  • Tyre balancing equipment
  • Tests stands for tracking and wheel camber and toe
  • Machines to install tyres
  • Accessories
  • Exhaust systems
  • Materials for car care
  • Lubricants 

Car wash units, washing stations

  • Planning and setting up of turnkey vehicle car wash units and washing stations
  • Equipment for washing vehicles by hand and for chemical cleaning of vehicle interiors
  • Automatic car wash units
  • Water recovery units

Garages and parking

  • Architecture, design, setting up of turnkey garages, motels, camping areas, public car parks
  • Garage equipment
  • Ventilation systems
  • Automatic door and barriers units
  • Equipment for car parks
  • Road signs

Protection of the environment

  • Enclosing and designing the adjacent area
  • Waste water cleaning systems
  • Systems to recover water
  • Analysis equipment to determine the aggressiveness of corrosion and biological contamination
  • Monitoring systems for leakages and the technical state of filling stations and other objects for vehicle servicing
  • Devices and containers (tanks) to catch store used oil
  • Units and equipment to recycle waste

Control and payment systems

  • Control systems
  • Equipment for protected communication and access restricted
  • Cashless payment systems
  • Readers for credit cards
  • Tills and POS equipment
  • ATM’s for cash

Shops sales, catering

  • Sales areas, equipment
  • Mini-shops
  • Vending machines
  • Fast food systems

Advertising and advertising technologies

  • Design of filling stations, vehicle service stations and vehicle objects from the point of view of advertising
  • Design and graphics
  • Construction materials
  • Notices, placards, illuminated advertising panels, display panels
  • Polygraphy
  • Advertising companies
  • Press, TV

Protection and monitoring systems

  • Industrial and fire safety, protection and prevention of emergencies
  • Interior and exterior lighting systems
  • Intercom units
  • Warning systems
  • Video monitoring systems
  • Roadway barrier systems
  • Safes

Insurance, financing

  • Insurance
  • Financial and consulting services
  • Leasing


  • Work clothing
  • Training materials and programs
  • Further training
  • Technical literature