Date: from 08-NOV-22 to 11-NOV-22
City: Moscow
28th International Industrial Exhibition

Venue: All-Russia Exhibition Centre
Organizer’s site:

About METAL-EXPO 2022 Trade Show:

From 8 to 11 November 2022, Moscow will be hosting the 28th International Industrial Exhibition "Metal Expo’ 2022", to present the variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy products, advanced equipment and technology.

Sections of Exhibition ‘Metal-Expo’:

  • Ferrous metals: production and products of ferrous metals (preparation, grade and sheet lease, pipes);
  • Non-ferrous metals: production and products of the non-ferrous metallurgy (raw and secondary raw materials, semi-products, lease, profiles);
  • High repartition products: pipes, covered sheets, metal products, specialized steel and special metal alloy and other;
  • Machines: equipment and technology for metallurgical and mineral resource industry;
  • Collection and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals; Transport and logistics;
  • Storehouses and metal service centers in metallurgy and metal trading;
  • Equipment and technology for metal service centers;
  • Sheet and quality metal working: shearing, shaping, bending, welding;
  • Welding materials, equipment and technology;
  • Fire-resistants, technical ceramics for metallurgy and foundry;
  • Fundamental and applied scientific research in the field of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy and nanotechnologies;
  • Mass media, IT Technologies, electronic trade, automation of production and business processes for metallurgy and its processing;
  • Ecology in metallurgy, labor protection and safety engineering;
  • Finances, investments, insurance and leasing.

Sections of Exhibition ‘MetalStroyForum’:

  • Steel bar and section iron, round and shaped pipes for building industry;
  • Metal products and construction of sheet steel (roofing and frontal systems, thin-walled steel profiles, welded beams, sin beams, bended profiles and etc.);
  • Speed constructed buildings on the base of metal constructions; 
  •  Aluminium flat rolled products, shapes and constructions for building industry;
  • Mounting, wire, electrodes, and other metal products;
  • Equipment and technology for producing and installation of metal constructions;
  • Welding and binding of metal constructions;
  • Corrosive and fire protection of metal constructions.

Sections of Exhibition 'MetallurgMash':

  •  Mining equipment
  •  Melting and rolling equipment for ferrous industry
  •  Melting and rolling equipment for non-ferrous industry
  •  Metalworking equipment (cutting, slitting, shaping, bending)
  •  Press-forging equipment
  •  Foundry equipment
  •  Welding equipment
  •  Equipment for stocks and steel service centers
  •  Handling equipment
  •  Engineering solutions
  •  Testing and measuring equipment

Section of Exhibition 'MetallTransLogistik':

  •  Transportation and customs processing, ores and coals handling;
  •  Transportation of rolled products by water: stevedoring and shipping, ports;
  •  Motor vehicles logistics;
  •  Railway logistics: infrastructure, freight forwarders, transport operators;
  •  Transportation machine-building and rolling stock: railway car-building, locomotive engineering, railway foundry;
  •  Transportation outsourcing;
  •  Stocking and logistics at steel mills and steel service centers;
  •  Engineering solutions for logistics, engineering of stocking facilities, auditing and consulting in logistics;
  •  Optimization of stocks management;
  •  Handling equipment.