Khuzhir village

Khuzhir, the biggest settelment in Olkhon, has 1,200 inhabitants out of its total population of 1,500 who live permanently on the island. In recent years, due to the growing popularity of Olkhon among tourists, Huzhir has been sublimating, gradually turning into a resort settlement.

Khuzhir is the place of concentration of the majority of holiday camps and hotel complexes. There you can find sports equipment rental, market, shops, beauty salon, Internet cafe. The rest part of Olkhon Island lacks these blessings of civilization.

The city has many stalls trading with fish (the most famous one is smoked Arctic cisco). In summer, you’d better to buy smoked fish in the morning, as nothing will leave by the evening.

In Khuzhir, you can book a tour of Olkhon, meet a shaman, taking part in a ritual ceremony, go fishing or visit the National Historical Museum named after NM Revyakina.