Museum named after Dostoevskii, Omsk

Literature Museum named after Dostoevskii, Omsk

In 1850, Fyodor Michaelovich Dostoyevsky was exiled to Omsk and spent there 4 years. He wrote the "From the House of the Dead"novel, which includes a lot of episodes associated with the Omsk fortress, about this period of his life. Residents of Omsk are very proud of the fact that the great Russian writer lived and worked in their city. They honour the Museum, which is located in one of the oldest buildings in Omsk. It was built in 1799 for commanders of the Omsk fortress. In July 1859, F.M. Dostoevsky visited A.F. de Grave, the last commanders of the fortress in his house. The Literatire Museum after Dostoevskii was opened on 28 January 1983. The museum reflects the entire biography of the great writer, but first and foremost, Siberian and Omsk mainly periods of his life.