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Private Petrozavodsk Tours and Exclusive Weekend Trips

Private Petrozavodsk tours introduce you to the capital of the Republic of Karelia, a city known for its unique nature and interesting architectural monuments. Here in the city founded by Peter I, Russia’s curious White Nights are brighter than in St. Petersburg itself. Karelia is called the “Land of Lakes", and private Petrozavodsk tours stand ready to offer you a walk along the picturesque embankment of Lake Onega, decorated with unusual sculptures from Norwegian, French, American and German artists. Petrozavodsk is a city of festivals, so if you choose the right date, you can participate in one of the many colorful holidays observed here.

Kizhi Island is located 68 kilometers from Petrozavodsk and offers visitors Kizhi Pogost, a famed hamlet of wooden architecture which is under the protection of UNESCO. Transfiguration Church, which is part of the complex, was built without a single nail. Also of interest is Kivach Reserve, whose pearl is a flat waterfall of unprecedented beauty.

Private Petrozavodsk tours are rich programs packed with visits to the most fascinating places in Karelia.

One day Kizhi tour from Petrozavodsk

One day tour in Petrozavodsk: Boating to the Kizhi Island - Open-air museum “The Kizhi pogost”.

Kizhi Island, Open-air museum “The Kizhi pogost”
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St. Petersburg and Karelia Tour

Discover Peter the Great’s elegant northern capital of St. Petersburg and the wooden churches, taiga forests, lakes, and unique Russian-Finnish culture of the Russian Republic of Karelia on this 9-day St. Petersburg and Karelia tour.

St. Petersburg, Peterhof, Kronstadt, Petrozavodsk, Kizhi, Kivach
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