Plyos Tours

Plyos Tours View from the Volga river to the Church of Varvara and the wooden temple on Mount Levitan


Group Tours and Private Plyos Trips

Private Plyos tours will unfold a picturesque city before your eyes, a town that has inspired numerous Russian landscape painters, writers and musicians. It offers breathtaking views and simply begs to be captured on canvas, which perhaps is why there are so many museums in Plyos. You will embark on a journey through the world of art by visiting Plyos Museum-Reserve, a delightful grouping of three museums. The most popular of the three is Levitan Museum, where the painter Isaac Levitan lived and worked during his fruitful "Plyos period", from which he rose to worldwide fame. Additional highlights include Cathedral Mountain, from where you can enjoy an amazing view of historic Plyos and the Volga River. Private Plyos tours are truly a journey of inspiration into a world of art.