The Pskov Kremlin

The Pskov Kremlin - the biggest fortress in Europe

The Pskov KremlinThe Krom is the main attraction of Pskov, its architectural and historical center. This old building, majestically rising on a rocky promontory, is considered one of the best examples of ancient Russia defensive architecture. The height of the strong walls of Krom, occupying an area of 3 ha, comes to 8 meters, while their thickness is 6 meters.

Nobody knows, when the Kremlin walls were established, or when its first tower out of its numerous ones (there are seven of them with a sightseeing platform, built on the Vlasiev Tower) was erected, while the Kremlin fortress as already existing one was first mentioned in written records of 1605.

The Pskov Kremlin

The Pskov Kremlin, together with the other city’s fortifications, experienced more than a hundred wars and dozens of sieges, but actually, was destroyed only once - as a result of betrayal, rather than the fall of the walls. This long-suffering fortification surrendered only to the fascist invasion: after occupation by the Nazi, the Krom, which was in active military use nearly 1,000 years, turned into ruins.

To visit the Pskov Kremlin, which is now restored, is better in the evening in order to enjoy the sound of bells, cast in XVI - XVII centuries, and to listen to the Cathedral Choir singing during a divine service at the Trinity Cathedral.