Ascension Cathedral in Samara

In the center of Samara there overlook a sparkling dome and bell tower of the city’s oldest church - the Cathedral of the Ascension. Built in 1847, it was Samara’s main temple for half a century. Earlier in its place there used to be a small wooden church.

The Ascension Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral in honor of the Resurrection of Christ, is an example of classical architecture. The white walls of the church are dominated by a dome and bell tower with a spire, so its total height is 56 meters. The cathedral has three chapels: the main - in the name of the Ascension, the right - in honor of St. Michael, and the left - in honor of St. Panteleimon and St. Paul Komelski.

The history of the temple also has emblematic dates. For example in 1871, the Russian emperor Alexander II was there on visit. In 1930 it was closed by the Soviet power, which propagated atheism, and the building was used as a club and thereinafter - as a military warehouse. It was not until 1993, when it resumed administering the divine services. To date, the cathedral has also a Sunday school, library, and a hospice functioning there.