Holy spring

Holy spring, Togliatti

A holy spring in honour of the "Deliverance from misfortune” miraculous icon of the Mother of God beats out of the ground in a small village near Togliatti. The spring water is not only tasteful but also possesses the ability to cure any illness. The fame of the magic spring is going all over Russia; many pilgrims from all parts of the country come to this place trusting in the spring’s power, to restore their healthy.

An impossible story how the icon of the Mother of God had been found there, preceded the spring’s emergence in 1917. Ekaterina Chugunova was the first person who discovered this miracle. Three times she dreamed that the Mother of God came to her and asked to dig out the her icon from the place she pointed at. And three times Ekaterina Nikanorovna dreamed two angels were carrying the Icon of Mother of God at a ravine, and the icon was shining. Near this spring there is the Svato-Troitskii Church (the Church of Holy Trinity) with a dome, decorated with eight-pointed stars.