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Private Torzhok Tours and Exclusive Weekend Trips

Private Torzhok tours uncover an ancient Russian city whose history spans nine centuries. The city has always been at the intersection of important land and maritime trade routes and even saw the main road which connected Moscow with St. Petersburg pass through its streets. Its strategic location gave rise to its name, derived from a Russian word meaning "bargaining". Today, Torzhok has preserved the appearance of a typical old Russian city replete with charm: stroll along its quiet picturesque streets, visit old mansions and churches and admire the city embankment. Private Torzhok tours include visits to the wooden Church of the Ascension, Borisoglebsky Monastery, Resurrection Maiden Monastery, Transfiguration Cathedral, Archangel Michael and Annunciation Churches, Putevoi Palace, Church of St. George the Victorious and the Goldwork Embroidery Museum, where you can view unique, professional masterpieces and buy exquisite souvenirs.

10 Day Moscow to St. Petersburg Tour via Tver, Lake Seliger, and Torzhok

Discover palaces, Orthodox churches, unique museums, and more of Russia’s history and culture on this journey from Moscow to St. Petersburg via the riverside city of Tver, the scenic Lake Seliger, and the ancient town of Torzhok.

Moscow, Tver, Lake Seliger, Torzhok, St. Petersburg, Peterhof, Kronstadt
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