Kosta Khetagurov Park, Vladikavkaz

Kosta Khetagurov Park, Vladikavkaz

The central park of Vladikavkaz, Kosta Khetagurov Park, is regarded as the best in the entire North Caucasus. It is also the oldest park in Vladikavkaz, having been designed more than 150 years ago alongside the original fortress which later developed into a city.

The park is one of the main attractions of Vladikavkaz. It consists of an upper and lower terrace which are connected by two staircases: One resembles an overgrown path along which you will need to wade on stone steps, while the other is more suitable for a comfortable ascent and descent. 

The lower terrace adjoins the bank of the Terek River, from where an excellent view of the river and the surrounding mountain landscape opens up. Noted for its fountain and many ponds, the surfaces of which are dotted with islets, the lower terrace can be easily navigated through a labyrinth of small bridges. 

In the upper terrace of Kosta Khetagurov Park you can walk among towering century-old trees and wander along historical footpaths, breathing in fresh air and enjoying the quiet atmosphere. 

Address: The entrance to Kosta Khetagurov Park is opposite house #2 on Prospect Mira