Table Mountain, Vladikavkaz

Table Mountain, which at 3000 meters is the highest ridge in the Caucasus, rises above the Russian city of Vladikavkaz as an unmistakable feature of its natural landscape. It is depicted on the coat of arms of both the Republic of Ingushetia and Vladikavkaz, for it is located on the border between the two entities. Due in part to the 4th-8th century ruins located on its terrain, North Caucasus residents have long viewed the mount as symbolic of Olympus. Myat-Seli Temple, an ascetic 5-meter-high structure with two arched doors, is a well- preserved monument situated half a kilometer from the top.

Located a 40-minute drive from Vladikavkaz, Table Mountain blends quite naturally with the cityscape, majestically towering over buildings old and new. Not only can it be admired from within the city, it is also possible to climb it without any equipment or prior physical training, as there are several hiking trails which wind from the foot of the mountain to its top that can be traversed in a few hours’ time if walking at an average pace.