Bogolyubovo, Vladimir

Located 10 km from Vladimir is the picturesque village of Bogolyubovo. Few people know that sometime in antiquity it was a glorious city founded in 1158 by Prince Andrew Bogolyubsky as the princely residence.

There, in Bogolyubovo, the Prince received foreign ambassadors and guests, arranged holidays and feasts. Alas, the Prince's castle and the fortress have not survived. But the memories of local residents keep the story of the place, which derives from the legend about the appearance of the Blessed Virgin Mary before Prince Andrei. According to the legend, Prince Andrei was on his way to Suzdal carrying the miraculous icon of the Mother of God. Suddenly the horses stopped, and no force could move them from where they stood. At night, when the Prince was praying, the Virgin came and ordered to carry the icon to Vladimir, not Suzdal. She ordered to found a temple on that site as well. Thus, according to the Christian legend Bogolyubsky monastery was founded. This holy abode is still the main attraction of Bogolyubovo, the city, which became the place of death of Prince Andrei and later, gradually fell into neglect to be turned into a small village in Vladimir outskirts.