Nikitskaya Church

Nikitskaya Church, Vladimir

To originality lovers will love the trip to Nikitskaya Church. "So, where is the church?" - you might ask. And indeed, this elegant palace bears no hint to temple architecture. The three-storey building in the baroque style with the green facade, patterned pilasters, balustrades, cornices and capitals looks more like a rich apartment house or a princely residence. And only a slim gold-domed tower with a cross reveals its true purpose. This church was built by a merchant in the 18th century.

Each floor of Nikitskaya Church had its beautiful iconostasis and was flooded with light streaming from the large windows of the side walls. The picturesque look of the temple, its rich plastic and dynamic composition accentuated by the mighty four-level bell tower and the slender two-tiered light drum of the dome make Nikitskaya Church one of the most interesting monuments of Baroque architecture in Russian provinces.