Small Group Tour in Central Asia 2024-2025

Tash-Rabat, Kyrgyzstan

Ancient caravanserai Tash-Rabat is the brightest unique monument of Kyrgyzstan history. It is located 3,500 m above the sea level in the picturesque place surrounded by the mountains of the At-Bashin ridge.

According to one assumption Tash-Rabat was constructed in the 9th – 11th centuries and was a monastery. Four centuries later during the epoch of active trade on the Silk Road Tash-Rabat lost its cult value and became the caravanserai, i.e. an inn for numerous foreign merchants on the Silk Road. From there caravans went to Kashgar and Fergana valley.

Tash-Rabat was constructed on artificial platform, on the mountain and is a rectangular building with the sides accurately pointing to 4 corners of the earth. The front side with the portal looks to the East. On around the outer side round the pillars of gate-doors there are stone benches. The big corridor and the hall floors are paved with flat stones; in other premises and corridors the floors are not paved.