Small Group Tour in Central Asia 2024-2025

Shah-Fazil Mausoleum, Kyrgyzstan

The mausoleum belongs to the complex of cult structures of Karakanid epoch 11th century. The complex consists of the holy Mount Archa-Mazar with Alamberdar mausoleum (19th century) as well as the cave of the saint eremite, the place of execution of 2,700 soldiers of Islam, 18th -19th - century mosque, vertically positioned stone, Shah-Fazil mausoleum (11th century), Safed-Bulon mausoleum dated the 19th century.

Shah-Fazil mausoleum is the most valuable. There are no similar monuments in Central Asia. Its square structure looks like a massive truncated pyramid with original stepped drum and tall dome resting on it. The interior of the mausoleum from floor to ceiling is covered with fine ganch carving.

The complex erection is connected with the legend about the coming of Arabs headed by Shah-Dzharir – grandson of the Prophet Muhammad – for the purpose of Islam propagation. ]

The infidels attacked Moslems during the praying and cut off their heads. The black-skinned bride of Shah-Dzharir, Safed-Bulon, was the heroine who buried all of them. The Allah blessed her and she turned into white-skinned.  Safed-Bulon means the White Woman.

The cause of Shah-Dzharir was continued by his son, Shah-Fazil. He punished the infidels and went on spreading the religion in those lands.

The entire complex is a Muslim relic, the place of worship of many pilgrims.