Bukhara City Tour: Two-Day Trip and Excursion

Bukhara City Tour (2 days)

This 2-day excursion covers the main sights in the center of Bukhara, as well as several just outside the city. With lots of history and cultural sites, this is the best tour for exploring Bukhara in depth.

Lyabi-Khauz Ensemble, Magoki-Attori Mosque, Chor-Minor Madrasah, trade domes etc.

2 Days | All year round | from US$ 130 per person Details

Ulugbek Madrasah, Bukhara

Ulugbek Madrasah, Bukhara

Ulugbek Madrasah was found in 1417, as the inscription on the bronze plate of door runs says. There is a name of master in the portal tympanum, which was building this monument – Ismail ibn Takhir ibn Makhmud Ispfargoni. It is possible he was a grandson of one of the masters, who had been captured by Timur in Iran and left their names on the portal of Gur-Amir complex in Samarkand.

Bukhara Madrasah is the first Madrasah, built by Ulugbek. It is comparatively small, but has great forms. This is a building with two-ayvan square yard, surrounded by two-storey hudjrs, with darskhana cupola halls and mosque on the cross of entrance hall.