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“Charos overnight stay”Matiu Wi Anania (NZ working in Australia)
Reviewed January 19, 2019

I was on holiday in Tashkent from September to October and my wife Zumrad Rakhmonova decided to book us in for one night on a Saturday up in the mountains away from the city and that the weather was marginally warmer for that time of year in the city so we drove there by car to enjoy the cool fresh mountain air there at the Charos Hotel. I enjoyed it very much but we couldn`t stay any longer because we had other places to visit very hectic schedule however I`d very much love to come back there in the not too distant future and spend more time in the local area. It is the ideal location for a tourist resort and for a holiday. Thank you very much, the accommodation was excellent, clean, tidy rooms and the food was nice. Hope to return there one day. Cheers.

Stayed September 2018, traveled on holiday or leisure
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