Yahshigul Guest House

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Yangiqishloq, Forish district, Jizzakh region

The price includes accommodation and full board

There are small villages: Asraf, Eski Forish, Hyatt, Sentyab on the northern slopes of the Nurata mountains, away from the ancient cities of Uzbekistan. Residents of these settlements retain a rural way of life and are noted for genuine hospitality. For example, in Asraf village we suggest you to stay at Yahshigul’s guest house.

All the houses in the village are built of natural building materials - wood and clay. In addition, there is Nurata Nature Reserve not far away, and the environmental situation here is one of the best.

Yahshigul’s guest house provides a couch which is a platform where you can set a dining table or spread mattresses for rest and sleep. In addition, a small steam, murmuring, runs just under the couch, which creates an atmosphere of paradise in this place. You can sleep on the couch under the stars (in the warm nights) or in the guesthouse bedroom.

During your stay in Asraf village you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with rural life, culture of Nurata mountains inhabitants, to try the national cuisine, to take hikes in the surrounding mountains or a trip to the Aydarkul Lake shore. And these are not all the advantages of Yahshigul’s guest house: in spring and fall you might be lucky to get to the popular game Kupkari (goat), as well as various festivals, colorful weddings and other national events.

It is impossible to list everything, but there is one that can be stated surely - here you will be received with truly oriental hospitality.