Mukimi Museum, Kokand

Khudjra-museum of Mukumiy is located in the madrassah of Mien Khazrat - the architectural monument of the end of XVIII century. Mien Akhad was born in Peshavar (Pakistan), and arriving to Kokand he decided to stay there.  He became famous for his knowledge in theology, met with respect of people, and then was called up to serve in the palace of the Kokand's Khan. Receiving the inheritance from Pakistan, he ereceted the madrassah, which got his name.

The madrassah is the complex of three yards. The main entrance has domed darvozahona with carved gate. In southern part of the courtyard there is the multicolumned mosque. and small minaret. The eastern and western courtyards are surrounded with khudjras (students rooms).

The outstanding poet Aminkhudja Mukimiy lived and taught in this madrassah for many years. The museum exposition consists of three parts: Mukimiy's khudjra, works of Mukimiy and the literature environment of Kokand in the second half od XIX century.