Asrlar Sadosi - Bright Festival of National Traditions

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National Couleur of Asrlar Sadosi Festival in Karakalpakstan

 Festival Asrlar sadosiOn 5-6 May, 2012 Republic of Karakalpakstan will host one of the most grandiose national festivals of Uzbekistan - Asrlar Sadosi.

What is Asrlar Sadosi? From Uzbek this means "Echo of Centuries". It is a bright holiday of national traditions, customs and national applied art, which were carefully saved by people for many centuries. National music, dances, folk performances, traditional meals, products of craftsmen, traditional games, bustling bazaar of oriental fabrics, spices, jewelry and original souvenirs - here is just little part of what you will see on this great feast.

Asrlar Sadosi Festival had been already held in Uzbekistan for the fifth time. In 2008, it was celebrated near Shakhrisabz area and in 2009- in Tashkent region. In 2010, the festival was held in Khiva, on the territory of historical monument Ichan-Kala, in 2011 - in Bukhara. This year the venue for the festival will be Toprak-Kala Fortress ((I-IV centuries AC).

Toprak-Kala is a capital of Ancient Khorezm, the center of which was the residence of Khorezm rulers. The settlement is located on the territory of the present Ellikkan region of the Republic of Karakalpakstan. Guests and participants of the festival will have the opportunity to visit one of the most famous museum in Central Asia – the Museum of Art named after Savitsky I.V, which is located in Nukus - the capital of Karakalpakstan. This unique place houses the second largest in the world (!) collection of Russian avant-garde of the early twentieth century, as well as thousands of rare exhibits, including samples of applied and fine art of the Karakalpaks and other peoples of Central Asia.

As usually during this festival, there planned to conduct some scientific conferences and master-classes on the archeology and art of Karakalpakstan. Many famous figures and researchers working in culture and art sphere are expected to come, as well as representatives of diplomatic corpse, international organizations, and journalists.

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