Archaeologists discovered a big city-fortress in the Ferghana Valley

Category: History of Uzbekistan

Archaeologists discovered a big city-fortress in the Ferghana ValleyA group of archaeologists from China and Uzbekistan made a significant discovery during excavations in the ruins of the ancient city Mingtepa in the south-east of the Ferghana valley, reports the information agency "Xinhua News". It was reported on Tuesday at the forum of archeologists of China Academy of Social Sciences.

The excavations testify that over 2000 years ago Mingtepa was not merely temporary garrison fortress of nomads, but a full value city-fortress, moreover, the largest one in the Ferghana valley. Studio ruins, remaining part of the western gates of the inner city and the cemetery at the eastern wall of the external city were found during the digging process. Mingtepa, being located not far from the current city of Andijan in the south-east of Uzbekistan, once belonged to the territory of the ancient Central Asian State of Davan. Cooperative works carried out by Chinese and Uzbek archaeologists shed light to the research of the Davan. Also, it gave a start to participation of Chinese archaeologists in the excavations beyond the country.

Mingtepa research will be a long-lasting project and the next step will be making the chronology of Mingtepa based on discoveries.