International train

International trains, operated by various transport companies, depart from Uzbekistan to Kazakhstan and Russia. Below is a detailed train schedule and a description of their wagons.

International train: 1
04:40 Tashkent 22:58 Almaty 18h 18m Tu Th Su Request
International train: 1
04:40 Tashkent 11:49 Shymkent 7h 9m Tu Th Su Request
International train: 1
10:35 Almaty 02:53+1 Tashkent 16h 18m Mo We Sa Request
International train: 3023
15:38 Tashkent 09:33+1 Dushanbe 17h 55m Tu Request
International train: 3013
19:26 Dushanbe 13:38+1 Tashkent 18h 12m Mo Request
International train: 1
21:30 Shymkent 02:53+1 Tashkent 5h 23m Tu Th Su Request

Please arrive 30 min before departure to allow sufficient time for security procedures.


International trains that link Uzbekistan with its neighbouring countries are mainly served by Uzbekistan Railways or Russian Railways. They are designed for low-cost travel and for those who enjoy a laid-back journey. They travel at a speed of up to 100km/h.

Usually, there are two types of carriage: kupe (4-bed compartments) and platskart (dormitory style compartments with 54 beds/seats). Sheets, pillows, and blankets for the beds are provided. Although these trains offer a restaurant, we advise passengers to take their own food. We also recommend that passengers take personal hygiene products (such as toilet paper and soap) as the journeys can take several days.

Note: Some international trains have lower rates for early bookings.