International train

International train SV Compartment Platskart
Tashkent - Almaty 14:47 09:19+1 Tu Th Su from $125 from $100 from $60
Almaty - Tashkent 19:37 11:54+1 Mo We Sa from $125 from $100 from $60
Tashkent - Shymkent 14:47 21:44 Tu Th Su from $75 from $55 from $35
Shymkent - Tashkent 06:55 11:54 Tu We Su from $75 from $55 from $35
Tashkent - Moscow 19:05 11:15+3 Th from $410 from $270 from $210

Please arrive 30 min before departure to allow sufficient time for security procedures.


International trains routing to the nearest countries are mainly served by Uzbeksitan or Russian Railways. Usually, there are two types of carriages: kupe – 4 bed compartments and platscart – dormitory style compartments with 54 beds/seats. Although trains offer a restaurant, passengers are advised to bring their own food. Also it is recommended to stock up on personal hygiene as journey takes several days. International trains are designed for low cost travel and for those who enjoy a laid-back journey.

Note: Some international trains have early booking rates.

Train speed: up to 100 km / h