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Afrosiyob Train: 762
07:28 Tashkent 09:36 Samarkand 2h 8m Daily Book
Afrosiyob Train: 760
08:00 Tashkent 10:08 Samarkand 2h 8m Daily Book
Afrosiyob Train: 764
08:23 Tashkent 10:43 Samarkand 2h 20m Daily Book
Afrosiyob Train: 770
08:59 Tashkent 11:07 Samarkand 2h 8m Daily Book
Sharq Train: 10
09:09 Tashkent 12:28 Samarkand 3h 19m Daily Book
Night Train Tashkent-Nukus: 54
14:00 Tashkent 18:04 Samarkand 4h 4m Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Book
Night train Andijan-Khiva: 125
15:39 Tashkent 20:05 Samarkand 4h 26m Daily Book
Afrosiyob Train: 766
18:45 Tashkent 20:53 Samarkand 2h 8m Daily Book
Sharq Train: 12
19:00 Tashkent 22:19 Samarkand 3h 19m Daily Book
Night Train Tashkent-Termez: 80
19:25 Tashkent 23:33 Samarkand 4h 8m Daily Book
Night Train Tashkent-Urgench: 56
21:00 Tashkent 00:46+1 Samarkand 3h 46m Daily Book
Night Train Tashkent-Alat: 72
22:33 Tashkent 02:20+1 Samarkand 3h 47m Mo We Fr Su Book

You can also hire a private car transfer from Tashkent to Samarkand.

Please arrive 30 min before departure to allow sufficient time for security procedures.

The Samarkand - Tashkent train schedule provides information on options for the return journey.

Where can I buy tickets?

You can buy train tickets online via the Uzbekistan Railways website. This (or visiting the train station yourself) is the lowest-cost option. Tickets normally go on sale 45 days (or less) before the date of travel and there is a small commission to use this site.

Alternatively, for your convenience, we can help you buy Tashkent - Samarkand tickets in advance (subject to availability).

We provide a hassle-free service in case you face technical difficulties with the Uzbekistan Railways website or want to reduce the risk of missing out on specific tickets.

Please note that the cost of buying tickets via Advantour (and other tour agencies) is generally significantly higher than that of buying them directly from Uzbekistan Railways. This reflects the costs we incur in providing the service and the additional value we offer. In particular, local travel companies that buy train tickets from Uzbekistan Railways are subject to demanding regulatory requirements that impose significant extra administration cost.