Dvin near Ararat

In 332-338 BC tsar (king) Khosrov the Short established Dvin, the ancient capital of Armenia , at the southern spurs of the Gegam Ridge. In ancient times Dvin stood on the crossroads of the caravan roads from the West to the East and from the East to the West. The most developed there were trade and handicrafts. The city was the capital from the 4th to the 13th centuries. Today only a few remains left after that magnificent city can be seen – the ruins of a palace, a citadel and other structures. You can see them in the vicinities of the village of Dvin of Artashat district which is 18 km to the southeast from Yerevan .

Among the dense thickets there is an ancient hill with palace and fortress ruins – dirt walls - the remains of the city walls and fortifications of Dvin. The fortress was exposed to numerous Persian invasions which finally destroyed it. On the hill, which was opened by archeologists, you will see the remains of Catholicos' palace (the 6 th century). The huge stones covered with intricate patterns served as capitals for the spacious columned hall. On the southern part they found the ruins of a cathedral (the 5 th century). On the top of the hill the archeologists found the ruins of a big 10 th – century building with richly decorated premises reminding a complex labyrinth. On the hill slopes it is still possible to find fragments of ancient clay and glassware. From the top of the fortress hill you will enjoy the panorama of Ararat Valley bathing in green.