Sardarapat, Armavir

Sardarapat is the architectural and sculptural complex located 10 km from Armavir. It was established in 1968 in commemoration of the victory of Armenians over Turkish aggressors in 1918. In 1918 the Turkish army intruded Ararat valley, occupied the village of Sardarapat and approached Yerevan . On May 22nd, 1918 the crucial battle took place there and brought victory to Armenian people. In the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of that historical battle in May, 1968 this architectural complex was opened. This structure has no prototypes in Armenian architecture. There the architecture and sculpture are harmoniously combined. The complex is built from red tuff. Especially original is the beautiful 35-m belfry-tomb with massive sculptural winged bulls on both sides. The idea of this composition is as follows: the belfry was erected on the place of the graves of the fallen fighters, and the holy bulls symbolize the surviving soldiers of Sardarapat guarding the tomb.

It is worth mentioning that Sardarapat is a huge well-kept park where the complex is situated. You can get to the memorial wall with the triumphal arch on the alley with the sculptures of eagles symbolizing the fighters' courage.

The memorial wall is decorated with a number of beautiful bas-reliefs and high reliefs.

Behind the memorial wall the building of the Ethnographic Museum is located. The museum has the big collection of objects from various historical periods and regions of Armenia.