Robots from all around the world to be brought to Yerevan

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Robots from all around the world to be brought to YerevanFor the first time in Armenia, there will be held a world-known exhibition “Ball of Robots” in order to demonstrate more than 20 interactive robots from different countries, - reports the news agency PanArmenian. The exhibition will take place in Yerevan and will give an opportunity to visitors not only see the latest achievements of robotics but also interact with the robots.

From 9 December 2015 to 10 January 2016, the “Yerevan Mall” will transform into a real testing ground of artificial intelligence. The exhibition program includes dancing show of robots, as well as quadcopter zone, robolab, Lego robot building sessions, roboprogramming and robomarket.

Apart from that, it is planned to bring those robots to Yerevan that have become real celebrities in the short time of their existence. Among them is English robot “Thespian” who can interact with humans, imitate their movements, sing, laugh, cry and even recite Shakespeare thanks to which it has already been featured in quite a few stage performances. Another guest of the exhibition is robot Paro from Japan actively used in therapeutic purposes. Guests of the exhibition will see the American robot “Baxter” performing simple industrial operations; robowaiter Yosha from Ukraine; RoboFootball from South Korea and other interesting robots with diverse functionalities.