Armenia Included in List of Fastest Growing Tourist Destinations in the World

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Armenia Included in List of Fastest Growing Tourist DestinationsArmenia was recently included in a list of the 20 fastest-growing tourist destinations in the world, as compiled by the American magazine Travel+Leisure, using statistics from the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). Every year, UNWTO gathers information about trends in tourism and announces the most popular tourist destinations. 

"Throughout its long history (over 3,000 years), Armenia has been plagued with conflict. However now, in more stable times, the country had an 18 percent growth in tourism over the past year. Because it was the world’s first Christian country, many of the most popular tourist attractions are monasteries that date back thousands of years,” wrote the article. 

The list also included the Palestinian Territories, Egypt, the Northern Mariana Islands, Iceland, Tunisia, Vietnam, Uruguay, Nicaragua, Mongolia, Malta, the Seychelles, Montenegro, Chile, Oman, Cyprus, Colombia, Finland and Japan.