Solo Female Travel to Armenia

Solo Female Travel to Armenia, Sevanavank Monastery

The small country of Armenia boasts around 3 million people and is one of the most unforgettable places you will ever visit. The hospitality, culture, history, nature, and food is rich and remarkable. Traveling as a solo female in Armenia leaves you such great opportunity to meet people and get to know the daily routines of many people that call the landlocked nation home. While traveling solo is a wonderful thing to do in Armenia, it comes with advantages and challenges. Below are some of the highlighted advantages and challenges of traveling independently in Armenia:

Advantages of Solo Travel in Armenia

Solo Female Travel to Armenia, Garni Temple

Armenia is a travelers paradise- its diverse landscapes and epic scenery are draped in history and adventure. Hiking and outdoor activities are abundant, making it a great place for travelers seeking new and exhilarating adventures. Throughout summer and winter, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the outdoor life and experience the Armenia’s natural beauty.

Rich in history, Armenia has played a surprising role in shaping the course of history. Considered the birthplace of Christianity and one of the first places to start producing wine, Armenia’s intriguing history has left an impressive dent on the country’s architecture, with grand monasteries and impressive relics left behind from centuries past. After exploring the historical side of Armenia, the best way to wind down is to taste history and learn all about Armenian wine traditions. If you do this solo, you will inevitably make new friends as the locals are some of the friendliest you will ever come into contact with.

As you travel through Armenia, it’s likely that you will experience some of the best hospitality in the Caucasus. Passionate about their country and keen to teach travelers about the culture and ways of life in Armenia, people are more than willing to take in travelers and treat them like family.

Challenges of Travelling Alone in Armenia

Solo Female Travel to Armenia, Noravank Monastery

Armenia has had a turbulent history and tourism infrastructure has not always been at the forefront of administration’s agendas, which makes traveling around the country occasionally challenging. Transportation is often delayed or unreliable, with marshrutkas being a common mode of transport. It is often hard to rely on these marshrutkas to get you to a place in a timely manner as they don’t run to a schedule. There are trains connecting the main cities but these have been underfunded and it is often a relatively slow way to travel between places.

In main city of Yerevan, you will find people who speak languages other than Armenian but outside of the main cities, language challenges will inevitably arise, with many people only speaking Armenian and occasionally a bit of Russian. The Armenian language is relatively complex and challenging to learn, so communicating with people can be difficult, especially if you are lost.

Armenia’s recent history has been eventful and this has left scars on the country. Many of the borders around the country are closed for both incoming and outcoming people. If self-driving around the country without intrinsic knowledge of all the borders, it is possible to find yourself encountering issues and needing to turn back. Entering or leaving via closed borders can impose huge problems and needs to be avoided at all costs.

Solo Female Friendly Small Group Tours

Solo Female Travel to Armenia, Sevanavank Monastery

While Armenia is a pleasure to try to travel around independently and solo, it is much easier and less mind-boggling to try to do with a tour. The solo female friendly small group tours through the Caucasus will assure that you reach each destination in gorgeous Armenia with ease and comfort, an alternative to trying to go about the journey independently. The guides will be able to tell you about everything the country has to offer from the history of the apricot to the country’ recent revolution. Traveling through Armenia will leave its mark on you… just make sure you’re not too distracted from the planning process and fail to take it every lovely moment the country throws your way when you’re there.

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