Blue Mosque, Yerevan

Blue Mosque, Yerevan

Address: Mashtots Avenue, 12.

The Blue Mosque (formerly called the Heavenly Mosque) is the only Muslim temple operating in Yerevan, mainly serving the Iranian community of Armenia. The peaceful atmosphere and the incredible architecture of the Blue Mosque attract many visitors of different religions.

How to Get There

The entrance to the Blue Mosque is from Mashtots Avenue. The nearest metro station is Republic Square.

Interior of Mosque

The Yerevan Blue Mosque welcomes guests with luxurious decorations. The entrance is richly decorated with colorful mosaics and ornaments. Once inside, you will find yourself on a neat patio, surrounded by a garden with mulberry and apricot trees and rose bushes. The complex also includes a gallery with several rooms, an administrative office of the Imam of the mosque, the police room, a kitchen, a first-aid post, and classrooms.

Passing the blooming green garden, you will get to the main building. Inside there is a prayer hall. The floor is covered with carpets, a gilded chandelier sparkles under the ceiling, and the stained-glass windows are decorated with various beautiful patterns. There are sound speakers for broadcasting prayers as well in the prayer hall.

The name of the mosque is derived from the color of the dome, which attracts attention with bright, rich turquoise tones. It is decorated with fascinating paintings.

In addition, there is a minaret decorated with patterned brickwork. Three other minarets, built originally for the mosque, were demolished during Soviet rule.

The Blue Mosque has its own library, which is open to every visitor. Here you can find a unique collection of Iranian paintings as well. The collection of the library also includes photographs of the mosque in different years.

Blue Mosque, Yerevan

History of Blue Mosque

The mosque was built in 1868. The funds for the construction were allocated by Hussein Khan Qajar, who was the last ruler of the Erivan Khanate. In the first years of the 20th century, there were seven active mosques in Yerevan, but most of them were destroyed during Soviet Era. The Blue Mosque was miraculously saved from destruction. Starting from 1931 it served as the History Museum of Yerevan and later as a planetarium.

In the last years of the 20th century, the Iranian government financed the restoration works of the mosque, and soon the Iranian community of Armenia established a cultural and religious center here.